DENVER MINING CLUB LTD. Local Chapter of the INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF RAGGED ASS MINERS Establ. 1891. The Denver Mining Club is the oldest active organization of its type in Colorado.

Since April of 2012, the DMC has been meeting at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill (in a private room), directions to the restaurant, Tel: 303–933–9923. DMC attendees must purchase a meal: that is how we get to use the facility for our meetings! Lindsey V. Maness, Jr., has resigned as a DMC Board Member and as DMC Web–Master: anyone interested in the jobs, please contact Dick Beach.

The Denver Mining Club is a non–profit (501C6) public forum for the many facets of the mineral industry: engineering, metallurgy, mineralogy, geology, geophysics, exploration, mine planning and production, legal, financial, environmental, political, historical, and mineral–related travelogues. Those interested in speaking call Dave Jonson, 303–751–5577. Speakers get a free lunch! The DMC financially supports selected mining museums and education.


Dick Beach, Secretary, Denver Mining Club 303–986–6535 or E–Mail:

Anyone interested in being a speaker at the Denver Mining Club can contact Diane Dudley (Programs Co-chair), at Tel: 303-319-9711 or E-Mail: or Guy Johnson (Programs Co-chair) at Tel: 303–969–0365 or E–Mail: