Regular Members of the Denver Mining Club

The DMC luncheons are held on Mondays at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill, 3677 South Santa Fe Drive, Sheridan, CO 80110 (Southwest corner of Santa Fe Drive and Hampden Avenue). Please note: one of the more useful (and unique) aspects of this on–line membership list is for those who travel. Where available, photographs here aid in recognition there (meetings at airports, etc.). The following is a partial list of those who more–or–less reliably attend meetings of the Denver Mining Club, or have requested that their name be listed. Many members have requested that their address, in whole or in part, not be listed: all such requests have been honored. Additional entries and/or deletions will be made upon request. Updates will be made as additional information is acquired.


David M. Abbott, Senior Associate
Address: Behre Dolbear and Co., Inc. & Consulting Geologist
Home: 2266 Forest Street
Denver, CO 80207–3831
Tel: 303–394–0321
Comments: See DMC paper of November 7, 2002.
Gregory Abramov, President
Address: Borehole Mining International, Ltd.
Tel: 303–904–2725
Comments: See DMC paper of June 7th, 2004.
Frank Adler, Geologist (Retired)
Address: 4525 South Lewis Court
Littleton, CO 80127–1130
Tel: 303–979–7976
Comments: DMC Director
Bob” Akright, Vice President
Address: Calais Resources, Inc.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–258–3806
Comments: See DMC paper on October 24th, 2002.
Steve Alfers, President & CEO
Address: NewWest Resources Group
Tel: 303–425–7042
Comments: See DMC talk of January 24th, 2005.
M. Hassan Alief, President, Afghan American Engineering, Llc. and President, Alinco Geoservices, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 926
Golden, CO 80034–0926
Tel: 303–463–1973
Fax: 303–463–0573                                                                                           Web–Site:
Comments: Geological Consulting. Unique expertise on resources of Afghanistan and surrounding region.
J. Chris Anderson, Community Relations and Communications
Address: Newmont Mining Corp.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–837–5772
Comments: See DMC paper on August 18th, 2003.
Warren Andrews, Mining Engineer, Professional Surveyor & Historian
Address: 1942 Mt. Zion Drive
Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 303–279–1277
Comments: See DMC papers of September 29th, 2003; April 19th, 2004; and October 4th, 2004.
Ron Anthony, Wood Scientist
Address: Anthony and Associates, Inc.
Tel: 970–377–2453
Comments: See DMC talk of January 31st, 2005.
Michele Ashby, Founder and Past CEO
Denver Gold GroupComments: See DMC talk of January 10th, 2005.
Dale Atkins, Avalanche Forecaster
Address: Colorado Geological Survey
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–544–1642 (home)
Comments: DMC Speaker on March 1st, 2004
Steve Axen, VP
Address: Ray V. Huff & Associates, Inc.
Tel: 303–278–1408
E–Mail:                                         Comments: Specializes in in–situ mining, drilling and well–design & construction.
Abdullah Ayazi, Engineer
Address: Ayazi Publishing
5339 Fossil Ridge Place NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114-3997
Tel: 505–792–8721
Clarence Babcock, U.S. Bureau of Mines (Retired)
Address: #5 South Flower Street
Lakewood, CO 80226–1206
Tel: 303–238–0912
Comments: Rock Mechanics
Howard C. Bachman, Criticality Engineer, Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant (Retired).
(DECEASED: December 27th, 2001)
Harold A. Backer, Consulting Geologist
Address: 7909 East Hillview Street
Parker, CO 80134–6330
Tel: 303–841–3627
Comments: Experience in republics of former USSR, in particular of Kazakhstan. DMC talk on April 11th, 2002
Wahab Abdel “Wahab” Baouchi, Process Engineer
Address: 1955 Quail Court
Louisville, CO 80027–1187
Tel: 303–665–2880
Cell: 720–244–4643
John Barber, Director, Business Development
Address: Titanium Metals Corp. (TIMET)
Tel: 303–291–2971
Comments: See DMC paper of August 9th, 2004. TIMET is, at present, “The World’s Largest Producer of Titanium Mill Products.
Bob Barker, General Manager, American Exploration
Address: Newcrest Mining, Ltd.
Tel: 720–274–0978
Comments: DMC talk on October 18th, 2004.
Carl Barna, Historian, U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Address: U.S. Bureau of Land Management (C0931)
2850 Youngfield Street
Lakewood, CO 80215–7093
Tel: 303–239–3727
Fax: 303–239–3808
Comments: In year 2001 is researching history of uranium mining claims in certain Colorado counties.
Fred Barnard, Geologist, Mining Pro Files
Address: 1835 Alkire Street
Golden, CO 80401–3597
Tel: 303–232–1553
Comments: Consulting Geologist with much international experience.
Paul J. Bartos, Geologist/Curator
Address: Geology Museum, Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80402
Tel: 303–273–3823
E–Mail: or
Comments: See DMC paper on January 12th, 2004.
Robert A. Bassett, Attorney–At–Law
Address: Holland & Hart, Llp.
8390 East Crescent Parkway, Suite 400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111–2822
Tel: 303–290–1603
Fax: 303–290–1606
Comments: Specializes in coal mine permitting and related services. See his DMC paper of March 7th, 2002 about the Lorencito Coal Mine.
Richard A. “Dick” & Mary Beth BeachU.S. Bureau of Mines (Retired)
Address: P.O. Box 181
Golden, CO 80402–0181
Tel: 303–986–6535 or 986–7977E–Mail:
Comments: DMC Secretary & DMC Newsletter Publisher.
Tom Beal, Teacher
Comments: DMC Talk with Dan Witkowsky on “The 2001 Total Concept of the Mining Industry –– Minerals in Today’s World.”
Robert Jerry “Bob” Becker, Geologist
Address: 6704 Rexford Way
Bakersfield, CA 93309–3440
Tel: 805–836–3567
Comments: Mostly oil & gas, well–logging, etc., for past several years, since moving to California.
Ahmad Behi, Managing Director, Middle East Precious Metals Laboratory.
Address: P.O. Box 55579
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 971–50–7459503
Ronald S. “Ron” Bell, Senior Geophysicist
Address: ENW Services
12508 West 6th Place
Golden, CO 80401–4617
Tel: 303–462–1466
Fax: 303–462–1468
Comments: Geophysics & Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Resource Exploration & Environmental Site Characterization.
Edwin H. “Ed” Bentzen, III, Senior Project Manager
Address: 4H Operating Corporation
Tel: 303–3232
HomeTel: 303–534–3329
Cell Tel: 303–807–4337
Comments: See DMC paper of March 20th, 1997.
Bob Blair, Consulting Geologist
Tel: 303–740–6202
Bill Blankenship, Consultant
Address: 1035 South Garfield Street
Denver, CO 80209–5007
Tel: 303–756–3453
Bill Boberg, VP, US Projects
Address: Ur–Energy, Inc.
8420 South Continental Divide Road, Suite 200
Ken Caryl Ranch, CO 80127
Tel: 720–981–4588
Cell: 303–947–8123
Fax: 720–294–1392
Dick Cramer Bornomann, Mining Engineer (Retired)
Address: 1484 South Quail Court
Lakewood, CO 80232–4935
Tel: 303–985–8287
Peter Bradford, President and CEO
Address: Golden Star Resources, Ltd.
Tel: 303–830–9000
Comments: See July 21st, 2003 DMC Paper.
J. Larry Breckenridge
Address: Knight Piesold Consulting
1050 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80265–0500
Fax: 303–629–8789
Allan J. Breitenbach, M.S., P.E. Geotechnical Engineer, Principal
Address: AB Engineering LLC
7303 West Coal Mine Place
Littleton, CO 80123–4484
Tel: 720–981–5244
Fax: 720–981–5245
Comments: Geotechnical Engineering – Investigation, Design, Construction
Fred Brooks, Mining Engineering Consultant
Address: 6858 Lupine Way
Arvada, CO 80007–7040
Tel: 303–940–6069
Lois J. Brooks
Address: Gold Fields Exploration, Inc.
6400 South Fiddlers Green Circle, Suite 1620
Englewood, CO 80111
Tel: 303–796–8683
Fax: 303–796–8293
Lorraine Burgin, U.S. Bureau of Mines (Retired)
Address: 10870 Linda Vista Drive
Lakewood, CO 80215–1238
Tel: 303–238–7433
Nancy Ann “Nancy” Camp, Amoco, Retired
Address: 3744 Mariposa Street
Denver, CO 80211–2648
Tel: 303–433–2019
James A. “Jim” Cappa, Chief, Mineral and Mineral Fuels Section
Colorado Geological Survey
1313 Sherman Street, Room 715
Denver, CO 80203–2239
Tel: 303–866–3293
Fax: 303–866–4445
Comments: See DMC talks on September 12th, 2002, October 27th, 2003, June 14th, 2004 and June 6th, 2005.
Arch Carver, Mining Engineer
Address: 6901 Parfet Street
Arvada, CO 80004–1345
Tel: 303–421–7363
Comments: Some oil shale/sodium minerals.
Larry Cerrillo, Geohydrologist
Address: Ingenuity Enterprises Corp. & PRJ Mining Consultants
P.O. Box 728
Evergreen, CO 80437–0728
Tel: (at Ingenuity) 303–674–6484 or Tel: (at PRJ) 303–987–1114
Comments: Geohydrology & Environmental Work
Paul Chamberlin
Address: Chamberlin and Associates
7463 West Otero Place
Littleton, CO 80128–5619
Tel/Fax: 303–979–6753
Comments: DMC talk on November 8th, 2004 Au/Ag Heap Leaching Expertise.
Jim Chavis, VP
Address: Placer Dome America
Tel: 303–740–0263 Web–Site:
Comments: See DMC paper on January 26th, 2004.
Raymundo “Ray” J. Chico, President
Amada Mineral Corporation
Address: 1645 Court Place, Suite 327
Denver, CO 80202–4599
Tel: 303–825–3737
Fax: 303–825–3737
Comments: Mining, Exploration and the Environment: Consulting, Investment, Development.
William “Bill” Chirnside, Gemstone Miner (present) & USGS (Retired)
Address: 2157 South Cole Court
Lakewood, CO 80228–4610
Tel: 303–989–8748
Comments: Has topaz & aquamarine mines in Utah (Thomas Range, in Juab Co.) and in Colorado (White Mountain –– Mount Antero).
Ken Chlouber, Hard–Rock Miner & Colorado State Senator
Address: 220 West 8th Street (Previous Address)
Leadville, CO 80461–3530
Work Tel: 719–486–3502
Fax: 719–486–3505
Capital Tel: 303–866–4869 Home Tel: 719–486–0008
Assistant’s E–Mail:
Personal E–Mail:
Comments: Ken (Republican) is one of only two Colorado Legislators who are miners
Gil Cisneros, President and CEO, Chamber of the Americas, Denver
Address: 12211 West Alameda Parkway, Suite 203
Lakewood, CO 80228–2825
Tel: 303–986–9410
Fax: 303–986–9405
Comments: Knowledgeable about mining opportunities in Latin America.
L. Graham Closs, Ph.D., P. Eng., Associate Professor
Address:Colorado School of Mines
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Golden, CO 80402
Tel: 303–273–3856
Fax: 303–273–3859
Comments: Exploration Geochemistry & Geological Engineering
Bill Coffey, Teacher
Comments: See his paper with Dan Witkowsky on August 8th, 2002. Teaches American History and Economics at Chatfield Senior High School.
Ronald “Ron” Cohen, Professor of Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
Address: 1805 Zinnia Street
Golden, CO 80401–3565
Tel: 303–232–3915
David R. Cole, Mining Engineer, Retired
Address: 3050 Quail Street
Lakewood, CO 80215–7142
Tel: 303–237–1760
Matt Collins, Mine Manager
Address: Mt. Royal Ventures, Llc.
Tel: 720–565–3448
Comments: See DMC talk of April 4th, 2005
W. D. Collins, Consulting Geologist
Address: 20802 Pleasant Park Road
Conifer, CO 80433–6703
Tel/Fax: 303–697–8746
Howard D. Coopersmith
Address: Great Western Diamond Company
P.O. Box 1916
Fort Collins, CO 80522–1916
Tel: 970–224–4943
Comments: Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine, State Line District, CO & WY
Louis W. “Lou” Cope, Mining & Metallurgical Engineer
Harry D. Covey, President & Owner, Phil Sheridan Mine Co.
Address: 479 County Road 83
Boulder, CO 80302–9776
Tel: 303–442–0657 (or is it 303–447–0657?)
Terry J. Crebs, Registered Geophysicist, California #GP–975
Address: 12443 West Louisiana Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228–3831
Tel: 303–986–5107
Fax: 303–986–5641
Comments: “Reading between the mines for 30+ years.
Graham Curtis, President, Gold Cup Exploration
Address: 11880 Swadley Drive
Lakewood, CO 80215–7206
Tel: 303–232–8293
Comments: DMC Board Member. Mines rutile, ilmenite & other titanium minerals, etc.
Gary Curtiss, Geologist
Address: Div. of Minerals and Geology, Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources
Tel: 303–866–3920
Comments: See DMC paper on November 3rd, 2003.
Richard Cusack, Mining Engineer
Address: 1100 13th Street
Golden, CO 80401–1808
Tel: 303–279–1279
Comments: 1971 CSM Graduate: many mining–related activities. Politically–Prominent in Colorado Republican activities: has served as an elected public official. Was a Marine Corps “Top Gun” who flew F4 (Phantoms) in Viet Nam, retired as an USMC Major.
Gardar G. “Gar” Dahl, Jr.
Address: Dahl & Associates
8008 South Newport Court
Englewood, CO 80112–3121
Tel: 303–488–9774
Fax: 303–488–9775
Comments: Contract Mining & Geological Services
James F. “Jim” Davis, Consulting Geologist
Address: 11540 West 27th Place
Lakewood, CO 80215–7126
Tel: 303–234–1391
Comments: See DMC talk on February 9th, 2004. Jim’s fiction book “The Trouble with Gold” is both very entertaining and teaches quite a bit about late 18th–early 19th century gold mining. Highly recommended!
Mark Davis
Address: Colorado State Land Board
1313 Sherman Street, Suite 620
Denver, CO 80203–2240
Tel: 303–866–3934
Steven R. “Steve” Davis, Consulting Geologist
Address: 4058 Histead Way
Evergreen, CO 80439–8433
Tel: 303–674–2087/3071
Fax: 303–674–4766
Stan Dempsey, Chairman and CEO
Address: Royal Gold, Inc.
Tel: 303–573–1660
Comments: See DMC talk on October 20th, 2003.
Don & Carol Dickinson, CSM Retired
Comments: Don is retired from CSM. Carol is the curator of the Foothills Art Museum in Golden, CO, on Washington Street.
Farrokh “Fred” Djahanguiri, Mining/Geotechnical/Environmental Engineer
Address: 13576 West Warren Circle
Lakewood, CO 80228–4623
Tel: 303–969–0078 or 303–969–0170
Comments: Worked with US Bureau of Mines until its closure, then with Anaconda Mining.
Daouda “David” Djikine, Geologist
Address: P.O. Box 673
Rolla, MO 65401–0673
Tel: 573–426–4637
Comments: Daouda has extensive experience mining diamonds and bauxite in Guinea, his country–of–birth in West Africa.
Tamara Djunushalieva, Professor of Chemical Engineering
Address: Kyrgyz Technical University
Comments: See DMC paper of June 28th, 2004. Jan Krason arranged for this talk and can contact Dr. Djunushalieva.
Terry Donze, Consulting Geologist
Address: 4048 Simms Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033–3800
Tel: 303–420–7876
WTel: 303–371–6277
Fax: 303–420–7868
Comments: Geologist for Montason Techno., an international geophysical firm (Induced Polarization). Maps subsurface for both hydrocarbons and minerals (with emphasis on diamond and other “pipes),” for which IP is specially suited, since it differentiates both anomalously resistant and conductive zones from normal background rocks.
Lisa Dunn, Head of Reference, CSM Library
Address: Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO
Tel: 303–273–3687
Comments: See talk on September 22nd, 2003.
Donald R. East, Chairman & CEO
Address: Knight Piesold International, Denver
1050 Seventeenth Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80265–0500
Tel: 303–629–8788
Direct Line: 303–629–5934 x256
Fax: 303–629–1012
Comments: See DMC paper of April 28th, 2003.
Page Edwards
Address: 2580 Parfet Street
Lakewood, CO 80215–1241
Tel: 303–233–8133
James Elliott, Scientist Emeritus
Address: USGS, Denver Federal Center
Lakewood, CO
Tel: 303–432–9110
Comments: See DMC paper of April 7th, 2003
M. Stephen “Steve” Enders, VP, Worldwide Exploration
Address: 6142 Large Oak Court
Castle Rock, CO 80108
Tel: H. 720–733–2965
Wtel: 303–837–5097
Comments: See DMC paper on April 26th, 2004. Executive at Newmont Mining Corporation
Frank Erisman, Attorney
Address: Holme, Roberts and Owen, Llp.
1700 Lincoln Street, Suite 4100
Denver, CO 80203–4541
Tel: 303–445–5955
Comments: See DMC talk on June 27th, 2005. For a Power Point copy, click on Presentation
Jason Espy, Investment Representative
Address: Edward Jones Co.
Tel: 303–231–9090
Comments: See DMC talk on August 22nd, 2005
Don Ewingleben, President
Address: Anglo Gold Ashanti North America, Inc.
Tel: 303–889–0781
Comments: See DMC talk of August 16th, 2004
Charlie Fair, Geologist
Address: 2853 Melvina
Canon City, CO 81212
WTel: 719–269–8500 x8533
HTel: 719–275–0759
Comments: Works for BLM Field Office in Canon City. Moved from Denver to Canon City in mid–1980s
Bill Farrand, Research Scientist
Address: Space Science Institute
Boulder, CO
Tel: 720–974–5825
Comments: See DMC paper on June 21st, 2004.
Barbara Filas, President
Address: Knight–Piesold and Co.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–629–8788
Comments: See DMC papers of November 14, 2002 and July 26th, 2004
Thomas R. Fisher, PhD Candidate, CSM
Tel: 303–349–2302
Peter J. Flanagan
Tel: 303–670–9388
Leigh Freeman, General Manager
Address: Downing Teal, Inc.
Cherry Creek Plaza II
650 South Cherry Street, Suite 525
Denver, CO 80426
Tel: 303–321–3844 or 303–273–3485
Fax: 303–321–3551
Comments: See DMC paper of April 21st, 2003 and February 14thth, 2005. Downing Teal, Inc., is a major “Head Hunter” finding expertise for the energy and mining sectors of the economy. Also an officer of Yogo Creek Mining, Llc.
Albert “Al” Frei, Jr.
Comments: See DMC paper of August 11th, 2003.
Ben Frei
Tel: 303–289–3321
Cell: 303–913–6532
Comments: See DMC paper of August 11th, 2003
Morris Friberg, Am. Mine Service
Address: 6405 West 46th Place
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033–3750
Tel: 303–420–6105
Lee Fronapfel, Ventilation Engineer
Address: Climax Molybdenum Co.
Tel: 303–569–3221 X 1478
Nelson Fugate, President
Address: Minerals Information Institute
Tel: 303–277–9190
Comments: See DMC talk of August 23rd, 2004.
Stephanie Garnica
Tel: 303–892–3854
Comments: Director of Latin American Trade, State of Colorado. See DMC paper of May 5th, 2003.
Bruce A. Geller, Mineralogist & President, Advanced Geologic Services
700 Vista Lane
Lakewood, CO 80214–4583
Tel: 303–237–2947
Comments: DMC Board Member, DMC Speaker Selection Committee Member, & DMC Auction Committee Chairman. See various DMC papers, including on June 9, 2003; on May 17, 2004 and on April 25, 2005.
Ted J. Gengler, Resource Land Services
Address: 3610 South Roslyn Way
Denver, CO 80237–1353
Tel: 303–770–2486
Don Gentry, President, PolyMet Mining Corp
Address: 13949 West Colfax Avenue, Building 1, Suite 205
Golden, CO 80401–3207
Tel: 303–233–4830
Jord Gertson
Address: SOURCEWATER Consulting
17955 CR 306
Buena Vista, CO 81211
WTel: 719–395–2136
Cell: 719–395–7775
Comments: Consulting Hydrologist in Watershed Management. See DMC paper of March 3, 2003.
Emamudin Ghiasi, Hydraulics & Hydrology Consultant, HNTB Engineering
Address: 9016 West 75th Circle
Arvada, CO 80005–4139
Tel: 303–422–7275
Comments: Water sustains life. Without water, nothing can live. Authority on Afghanistan.
Betty Gibbs, President
Address: Gibbs Associates Co.
P.O. Box 706
Boulder, CO 80306–0706
Tel: 303–444–6032
E–Mail: or
Comments: See September 26th, 2002 DMC Paper. Publishes Earth Science Software Directory and Earth Science Computer Applications monthly newsletter.
Richard K. “Dick” Glanzman
Address: 2752 South Braun Way
Lakewood, CO 80228
Tel: 303–986–9019
Mike Gobla
Address: 19055 East Bethany Place
Aurora, CO 80013–2315
HTel: 303–680–4033
WTel: 303–445–3032
Thomas G. “Tom” Goonan
Address: USGS M/S 750, Building 20, Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, 80225
Tel: 303–236–8747 x228 or 303–236–5209
Comments: Does Materials Flow Studies (minerals commodities, etc.) in USA.
James J. Graham President and CEO ConverDyn, and Chairman, Cotter Corp
Address: ConverDyn
7800 East Dorado Place, Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80111–2306
Work Tel: 303–770–0957
Home Tel: 303–930–4901
Fax: 303–771–1625
Comments: Authority on the Nuclear Energy Industry. DMC talk on April 4th, 2002.
Thomas A. “Tom” Gray
Address: TAG, Inc.
6409 South Locust Way
Centennial, CO 80111–4336
Tel: 303–771–3120
Pager: 303–378–9562
Comments: Manufacturer’s Representatives: specializes in process equipment and filtration of liquids, solids and gases, heat–transfer and flow–control.
Wallace R. “Wally” (USGS, Retired) & Mary Griffitts (NPS)
Address: 810 14th Street
Boulder, CO 80302–7620
Tel: 303–442–3014
Comments: Husband & wife; both are geologists. Wally is considered by many professionals to be the foremost authority on SE USA mineralization of gold, emeralds and certain other resources.
Jan Groeneboer, US Bureau of Mines (Retired)
Address: 10870 Linda Vista Drive
Lakewood, CO 80215–1238
Tel: 303–238–7433
Comments: Was Staff Photographer @ US Bureau of Mines
Karen Gross, Public Relations
Address: Royal Gold, Inc.
Tel: 303–573–1660
Barney Guarnera, President & CEO
Address: Behre Dolbear & Company, Inc.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–620–0020
Comments: See DMC paper on November 24th, 2003
Donald D. Haas, Principal Engineer, P.E., MBA
Address: Haas Global Mining Consulting
8960 South Green Meadows Drive
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126–2815
Tel: 303–683–7691
Fax: 303–683–4521
Comments: MS (Mine E.), MBA, PE –– General mine engineering services. Specializes in mine operations, contract mining assistance, operation audits, operating and capital costs, financial analysis, valuations, due diligence, and expert witness and litigation support.
John Haigh, Manager of Investor Relations
Address: Queenstake Resources, Ltd.
Tel: 720–320–1111 or 720–221–3105
Comments: See DMC paper of October 25th, 2004.
Judith L. Hamilton, Consulting Ground–Water & Engineering Geologist
Address: 2220 Julian Street
Denver, CO 80211–5027
Tel: 303–477–6610
Comments: International and Domestic Geohydrology experience.
Prof. Kanaan “Rahawy” Hanna, Director Business Development
NSA Engineering, Inc

Address: 15000 West 6th Avenue, Suite 100
Golden, CO 80401–5047
Tel: 303–277–9920
Fax: 303–277–9921
Comments: Developed and market specialized seismic technology for igneous rocks. See paper given at DMC.
Jeff Hargreaves
Tel: 303–202–4843
E–Mail: nic1@usgs.govvisiting
Comments: USGS Ice–Core Laboratory at Denver Federal Center
Phoebe Hauff, Technical Support & Sales
Address: Spectral International, Inc. (SII)
P.O. Box 1027
Arvada, CO 80001–1027 USA
Tel: 303–403–8383
Fax: 303–403–8385
SFSI Airborne Surveys, Data Archives and Image Processing; Radiometers; Remote Sensing
Dan Hausel, Geologist
Address: Wyoming Geological Survey
Tel: 307–766–2286
Comments: See DMC paper on July 28th, 2003
Charles Caldwell “Chuck” Hawley, Ph.D.
941 East Dowling Road
Anchorage, AK 99518
WTel: 907–522–9200
Geologist & CEO, Hawley Resources Groups, Inc. 1963 CU–Boulder Ph.D. dissertation on beryllium mineralization in South Park. Mentored at USGS by Dr. Wally Griffitts.
Joachim “Hans” Heinecke, Mining Geologist, Consultant
Address: 2121 Cheyenne Street
Golden, CO 80401–2362
Tel: 303–279–2054
E–Mail: 110174,
L.W. “Bill” Heiny, Geologist (Retired)
(DECEASED – March 22, 2002)
Thomas S. “Tom” Hendricks, President
Address: Calais Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 653 –– Caribou
Nederland, CO 80466–0653
Tel: 303–258–3806
Cell: 303–810–0642
Home: 303–258–3953
Comments: See DMC paper on October 24th, 2002.
Todd C. Hennis, Salem Minerals, Inc.
Address: c/o Buckley Brothers General Store
P.O. Drawer I
Silver Plume, CO 80476
Tel: 303–569–0155 or 303–278–4404
Comments: Todd markets numerous mining–related commodities, especially to stores specializing in the tourist trade. Perhaps his best–known products are small vials of very colorful gold and silver foil in oil.
Mary G. Henry, Assistant Regional Director for Ecological Services
Address: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Tel: 303–236–4210
Comments: See DMC talk on March 28th, 2005.
Jim Hesketh, VP & Principal Mining Engineer
Address: N.M. Rothschild and Sons
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–321–9890
Comments: See DMC paper of April 14th, 2003
Bruce Higson–Smith, VP, Corporate Development
Address: Golden Star Resources Ltd.
Tel: 303–830–9000
Comments: See DMC paper of July 18th, 2005.
Murray Hitzman, Head
Address: Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO
Tel: 303–384–2127
Comments: See DMC paper of April 12th, 2004.
Douglas “Doug” Hock, Director of Public Affairs
Address: Newmont Mining Corporation
1700 Lincoln Street, 29th Floor
Denver, CO 80203–4529
Tel: 303–863–7414
Comments: Several DMC talks, including on April 18th, 2002.
Al Hofstra, Geologist
Address: Denver Federal Center
Lakewood, CO
Comments: See DMC paper of March 10th, 2003.
Steven R. Holen, Curator of Archeology
Address: Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–370–8261
Comments: See DMC paper on October 17, 2002.
David A. “Dave” Holmes, Geologist
Address: Holmes Reserves, Ltd. (President)
P.O. Box 261330
Lakewood, CO 80226–9330
Tel: 303–969–8631 or 970–249–8825
Kenneth Holmes, Retired (from Mobil)
Address: 7059 Parfet Court
Arvada, CO 80004–1349
Tel: 303–422–1969
Comments: Volunteers at Dinosaur Ridge. Extensive experience in coal, uranium, oil & gas with Mobil. Would be a good speaker, if we can convince him, especially about the resources of the Piceance Basin.
Zheng Huang & Jie Huang
Address: 12533 West Iliff Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228–4327
Tel: 303–202–6384
Comments: Zheng & Jie are husband and wife, both scientists. Zheng Huang is a medical researcher and an authority on the use of TiO2 with short–wavelength light as a microbiocide. Jie Huang is researching alternative energy sources at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Randy Hubbard, Attorney
Address: Davis, Graham and Stubbs
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–892–7468
Comments: See DMC talk of October 6th, 2003.
Ed Hunter, Mining Engineer
Victor, CO
Comments: See DMC talk of March 17th, 2003.
Dick Hutchinson, CSM Professor (Retired)
Tel: 303–582–3260
Comments: Fogarty Professor of Geology (Retired). See his DMC paper of January 6th, 2003.
Al Ireson, PE, Retired
Address: 11765 West 22nd Place
Lakewood, CO 80215–1108
Tel: 303–237–1239
Comments: Possibly interested in giving a paper about in–situ prouduction of Shale Oil & solution mining of Nahcolite.
John Ismert, Mechanical Engineer (Retired)
Address: 6970 Puma Trail
Littleton, CO 80125–9027
Tel: 303–979–4750
Comments: Owner of some mining property on Breece Hill near Leadville.
Wayne Jackson, Mining Engineer
Address: 6710 Van Gordon Street
Arvada, CO 80004–2345
Tel: 303–423–8444
Bahram Jafari, Petroleum Engineer
Address: 2051 Crestvue Circle
Golden, CO 80401–1769
Tel: 303–279–7852
Jim & Margie Jansen
Address: 12870 West 15th Drive
Golden, CO 80401–3502
Tel: 303–238–3435
Comments: Jim is Coal Specialist.
Craig Johnson, Research Geologist
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–236–7935
Comments: See DMC paper on October 10, 2002.
Guy A. Johnson, Mining, Marketing, Management Consultant
Technology Applications & Marketing
Address: 568 South Carr Street
Lakewood, CO 80226–3019
Tel: 303–969–0365
Fax: 303–716–0503
Comments: Active in the Colorado Mining Exhibit Foundation, which encourages educational activities. The Colorado Mining Exhibit Foundation is one of the worthy organizations supported financially by the DMC.
Paul C. Jones, President, Sovereign Gold Company, Ltd.
Address: 2021 Washington Avenue
Golden, CO 80401–2377
Tel: 303–278–9179
Comments: See DMC talk of August 12th, 2005.
David C. “Dave” Jonson, Consulting Mining Geologist
Address: 3082 South Wheeling Way, Condo 410
Aurora, CO 80014–5614
Tel: 303–751–5577
Comments: Chairman of DMC Speaker Selection Committee.
Bob Jordan, Tramp Miner
Address: 315 Iowa Drive
Golden, CO 80403–1335
Tel: 303–278–1974
Comments: Mineral Collector & Trader.
Susan A. Judy, President
Address: Stone Catalyst Consulting Co.
Tel: 303–773–8701
Comments: See DMC talk of May 10th, 2004.
Allan P. Juhas, Economic Geologist Consultant
Address: 4221 S. Yukon Way
Lakewood, CO 80235–1933
Tel: 303–985–5722 or 303–980–0173
Fax: 303–980–0173
E–Mail: or
Comments: DMC Auditor. Mineral economics and international exploration, evaluation and management.
Charles “Charlie” T. Junk
Address: 435 Balsam Street
Lakewood, CO 80226–1340
Tel: 303–237–7307
John Keller, Geologist
Address: Colorado Geological Survey
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–866–3293
Comments: See DMC paper of June 14th, 2004.
Timothy J. “Tim” Kelly
Address: Colorado State Land Board
1313 Sherman Street, Suite 620
Denver, CO 80203–2240
Tel: 303–866–3934
Fax: 303–866–3152
Comments: Active in Cub & Boy Scouts.
Peter Keppler, Attorney
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–273–5380
Comments: See DMC paper of July 14th, 2003.
Donald F. “Don” Kidd, Geophysicist
(DECEASED – September 21, 2004)
Daniel Kile
Address: USGS
3215 Marine Street, Suite E–127
Boulder, CO 80303–1066
Tel: 303–541–3029
Comments: Works at USGS in Boulder.
Dean Kleinkopf, Geophysicist
Address: USGS
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, 80225
Norman Knapp, Geologist (Retired)
Address: 12539 East Amherst Circle
Aurora, CO 80014–3307
Tel: 303–751–1819
Thomas “Tom” Kohnen
Address: 1136 South Owens Court
Denver, CO 80226–4922
Tel: 303–985–8007
Comments: USGS. Technical Editor & Mineralogist
Jan & Albert Krason, Geologist & President, GeoExplorers international, Inc.
5777 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80222–5308
Tel: 303–759–2746
Fax: 303–759–0553
Comments: Albert is Jan’s son and a veteran (USAF Captain).
Leendert Krol, Director
Address: Brazauros Resources Corp.
Tel: 303–722–7527
Comments: See DMC talk on August 8th, 2005.
Art Lange, Karst Geophysics, Inc.
Address: 257 Alpine Avenue
Golden, CO 80401–9401
Tel: 303–526–0554
Fax: 303–526–0554
Comments: Ground–Water Exploration, Contamination and Karst System Mapping.
William “Bill” Langer, Research Geologist
Tel: 303–236–1249
Comments: See DMC paper of June 30, 2003.
Peter Laux, Geologist
Address: 417 Leyden Street
Denver, CO 80220–5953
Tel: 303–388–4659
Mike Leidich, Mine Manager, Robinson Brick Co.
Address: 1845 West Dartmouth Avenue
Englewood, CO 80110–1308
Tel: 303–783–3000 x3047
Cell: 720–314–3027
Comments: Led a DMC tour of the Robinson Brick Co. site on February 23rd, 1995.
Louis A. “Lou” Lepry, Jr., VP, Seahawk Minerals, Ltd.
Address: 5555 DTC Parkway, Suite D–3001
Englewood, CO 80111–3047
Tel: 303–770–8505
Fax: 303–770–9344
Comments: Seahawk has the controlling interest in the Piteiras Emerald Deposit in Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
Edward R. “Ed” Lewandowski (aka Lewandowcki), Owner, Broken Handle Mine
Address: 2432 South Yukon Way
Lakewood, CO 80227
Tel: 303–989–2861
Comments: Ed’s son, a retired Lt. Col. working at Fort Belvoir, VA in 2005, is also a DMC member.
Susan C. Linner, Field Supervisor
Address: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ecological Services, Colorado Field Office
755 Parfet Street, Suite 361
Lakewood, CO 80215
Tel: 303–275–2370
Fax: 303–275–2371
Comments: DMC speaker on March 28th, 2005.
Eric Livo, Research Geologist
Address: USGS
Tel: 303–236–1388
Comments: See DMC paper on August 30th, 2004.
George O. Livo, Geologist & Geophysicist & Norma J. Livo, Professor Emeritus at CU
Address: 11960 West 22nd Place
Lakewood, CO 80215–1113
Tel: 303–237–7107
Davin, Kurt P. & Emily A. Livo, The Minor Miners (Students)
Address: 11256 West 26th Place
Lakewood, CO 80215–7103
Tel: 303–237–5061
Comments: Grandson & Granddaughter of George & Norma Livo
Alan Lloyd, Exploration Geologist
Address: Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Co.
Tel: 719–689–6486 x4008
Comments: Alan Lloyd spoke for David Vardiman at the DMC on March 20th, 2002.
Rex E. Loesby, President
Address: Sierra Minerals Corp.
Tel: 303–711–9610
Comments: See DMC paper on April 5th, 2004.
Leonel Lopez, Geologist
Address: Geoambiente Mining, Inc.
431 Chestnut Way
Broomfield, CO 80020–2941
Tel: 303–914–4469 or 303–410–8700
Comments: Special expertise in heap–leaching Au. Much experience in Latin American mining: would like to give a talk about same to DMC.
Robert “Bob” (Retired) & Eleanor Macdonald
Address: 1904 Pinal Road
Golden, CO 80401–1744
Tel: 303–279–7539
Bob’s E–Mail:
Eleanor’s E–Mail:
Comments: See DMC paper on October 31st, 2002.
Peter “Pete” Maciulaitis, Mining Geologist
Tel: 303–444–9828
E–Mail: or
Comments: See DMC paper of August 25th, 2003 and August 15th, 2005.
Doug Magee, VP of Research, MGA Communications, Denver
Tel: 303–382–4078
Comments: See DMC paper of May 19th, 2003.
Deepak Malhotra, President
Address: Resource Development, Inc.
Tel: 303–422–1176
Comments: See DMC paper of May 9th, 2005.
Lindsey V. Maness, Jr., Stonesypher (Geologist, 5th generation miner) & Pin–Ching Chen Maness (Senior Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Address: 12875 West 15th Drive
Golden, CO 80401–3501
Tel: 303–237–6590
Web–Site: http://china–
Jose Manrique, Manager, Peru Exploration
Address: Cambridge Mineral Resources
Tel: 303–421–3805
Comments: See DMC talk of June 20th, 2005.
Vince Mathews, Science Advisor, Colorado Geological Survey
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–866–3028
James N. “Jim” Maxwell, Gold Miner
Address: 2317 Riverside Drive
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
Tel: 303–567–2421
Comments: Manages the Argo Mines & Mill Mining Museum in Idaho Springs, CO.
Kenneth W. “Ken” Mayhercy, Miner & Musician
Address: 1075 South Dover Street
Lakewood, CO 80226–4231
Tel: 303–988–1092
Allen E. Mayhew, Consultant
Address: 6343 West Maplewood Drive
Littleton, CO 80123–8705
Tel: 303–798–0178
Jay Mayhew, Consultant
Address: 600 South Youngfield Court
Lakewood, CO 80228–2811
Tel: 303–986–8930
Stan McAlister, Geologist
Address: 13553 West Virginia Drive
Lakewood, CO 80228–2415
Jerome T. McCarthy, Information Facilitation
Address: Fairhill & Co.
374 S. Clarkson Street
Denver, CO 80209–2126
Tel: 303–733–4020
Fax: 303–733–8901
Phil McCollum, Mineral Collector
Address: 710 South Del Norte Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537–6718
Tel: 970–667–3677
Comments: Micro–mounting & Micro–photography of mineral specimens.
Robert Melin
Address: 11385 West 28th Place
Lakewood, CO 80215–7059
Tel: 303–237–0886
Gene Michal, Toiyabe Exploration, Inc. & Sara Michal, Toiyabe Exploration, Inc.
Address: 14050 Foothill Road
Golden, CO 80401–2051
Tel: 303–278–2961
Thomas Michalski
Address: USGS
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, 80225–0046
Tel: 303–202–4852
Gary Miller, Consulting Geologist/Hydrogeologist
Address: 9490 West 10th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215
Tel: 303–235–0161
Comments: Consulting for the small operator on Baseline Studies and Permitting, Environmental Studies to support clients suffering SUPERFUND Liability and RCRA investigations and environmental due diligence, studies of mine drainage and passive remedial technologies.
Dean Misantoni, Geologist: B.S. & M.S.
Address: 151 Placer Drive, P.O. Box 19
Alma, CO 80420–0019
Tel: 719–836–2290
Comments: Geologist at Sweet Home Mine (Rhodochrosite) in Park County, CO. Geologic Justifications/Opinions for Park County, Colorado, Construction Projects.
Jeffrey L. “Jeff” Mitchell, Geologist
Address: 3645 South Dahlia Street
Englewood, CO 80110–4214
Tel: 303–757–6156
Fax: 303–753–1855
Comments: Senior Management of “Oil–Patch” Exploration, worldwide.
Peter “Pete” Modreski
Address: USGS M/S 150 (Bldg. 810)
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, 80225–0046
Tel: 303–202–4766
Fax: 303–202–4767
Web–Site: or
Comments: An organizer of the Gemstone Deposits of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region Symposium to be held at the Colorado School of Mines, September 7–10, 2002. DMC Speaker numerous times over the years. At USGS, is a geologic specialist for abrasives, gemstones, quartz, beryllium, cesium and rubidium.
Bryant M. Mook, Production Engineer & Geologist
Address: 335 Carmel Drive
Casper, WY 82604
Tel: 307–235–4525
E–Mail: or
Steve Mooney, CEO
Address: Thompson Creek Metals Co.
Tel: 303–761–8801
Comments: See DMC talk on December 6th, 2004.
Jack Morris
Address: 1234 South 11th Street
Canon City, CO 81212
Tel: 719–275–0896 or 719–238–7959
Comments: Has Last Chance Mine in Creede, CO.
Thomas V. Mullen, Jr.
Address: 16825 W. 16th Place
Golden, CO 80401–2712
Tel: 303–279–8955
Mike D. Munkhbold, Energy Economist
Address: 1985 South Cherry Street, #216
Denver, CO 80222–4632
Tel: 720–298–8691
Fax: 720–524–9521
Comments: Mike is from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mike has special expertise in the economics of the oil fields in the Choybalsan area of Mongolia.
D. Keith Murray, President
D. Keith Murray & Associates, Inc.
200 Union Boulevard, Suite 215
Lakewood, CO 80228–1831 USA
Tel: 303–986–8554
Fax: 303–985–5261
Comments: Coal–Bed Methane (CBM).
David M. Neil, President & CEO
NSA Engineering, Inc.
Address: 15000 West 6th Avenue, Suite 100
Golden, CO 80401–5047
Tel: 303–277–9920
Fax: 303–277–9921
Comments: Developed and markets specialized seismic technology for igneous rocks. See paper given at DMC.
Chris Nelson, Investigator
Address: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
Golden, CO
Tel: 303–271–5695
E–Mail: ctnelson@jeffco.US
Comments: See DMC paper given on September 20th, 2004.
Fletcher Newton, President
Address: Power Resources Co.
Tel: 720–879–5515
Comments: See DMC paper given on March 7th, 2005.
Richard L. “Dick” Nielsen, Consulting Geologist
Address: 13741 Braun Drive
Golden, CO 80401–6817
Tel: 303–279–3118
Comments: Base & Precious Metals, specializing in gold, copper and silver.
Gerry Nix, Technology Manager
Address: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Golden, CO
Comments: See DMC paper of March 24th, 2003.
Harold J. Noyes, Consultant, and Ms. Leslie Noyes, Author
Address: P.O. Box 1186
Golden, CO 80402–1186
Tel: 303–619–0311
Fax: 303–279–3477
Comments: Economic Geology, Mineral Exploration, Property Marketing, Geochemistry. The DMC hosted a book–signing for Leslie on May 2nd, 2002.
Greg Olson, Vice President
Address: Little Bear Laboratories, Inc.
Tel: 303–273–5697
Comments: See DMC talk of April 18th, 2005.
Steven A. Osterberg, Geologist, Ph.D.
Address: Knight Piesold Consulting
1050 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80265–0500
Direct Tel: 303–629–5934 x260
Fax: 303–629–8789
Comments: Water Resources of Bolivia paper given at DMC on May 9th, 2002.
Devin Ovens
Address: 1803 Union Street
Lakewood, CO 80215–2527
Tel: 303–232–1762
Chip Parfet, President
Address: The Geo. W. Parfet Estate, Inc.
Tel: 303–279–3636
Fax: 303–279–4373
Comments: See DMC paper on January 5th, 2004.
Irwin Parrish
Address: 7272 Queen Street
Arvada, CO 80005–3535
Tel: 303–423–0131
Jim Paschis, Consulting Geologist
Tel: 303–449–2142
William H. “Bill” Pelton, President & CEO
Address: Phoenix Wyoming, Inc.
10241 Humboldt Way
Thornton, CO 80241
Tel: 303–453–0012
Fax: 303–453–0013
Comments: Dr. Pelton is a recognized world authority on geophysics, in general, and on magnetotellurics, in particular.
Mort Pepper, Geologist
Tel: 303–759–3344
Waverly Person, Chief
Address: USGS National Earthquake Information Service
Golden, CO
Tel: 303–273–8500
Comments: See DMC talk on January 3rd, 2005.
Douglas C. “Doug” Peters, Geologist & President, Peters Geosciences
169 Quaker Street
Golden, CO 80401–5543
Tel: 303–278–1540
Comments: Remote Sensing and GIS Consulting; applications to engineering, environment, and exploration.
Don Pfalzgraf, Petroleum Landman
Address: 7037 East Fair Avenue
Englewood, CO 80111–4501
Tel: 303–773–3070
Comments: Member of AAPL, DAPL & AIPN.
Norm Phillips, Resource Development Manager
Address: Doyon, Ltd.
Comments: See talk on September 15th, 2003. Harry Noyes is his local contact.
William “Bill” Pincus, President
Address: Esperanza Silver Corp.
Tel: 303–830–0988
Comments: See talk on May 2nd, 2005.
James Roy “Jim” Piper, Geologist
11097 West Roxbury Avenue
Littleton, CO 80127–5809
Tel: 303–932–0137
Cell: 303–505–2059
Fax: 303–932–1209
Francis F. Pitard, President
Address: Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants
14800 Tejon Street
Broomfield, CO 80020–8410
Tel: 303–451–7893
Fax: 303–280–1396
Comments: See DMC Paper on September 5th, 2002.
James A. “Jim” Pitkin, Consulting Geologist/Geophysicist
(DECEASED – 2004)
Michael E. Platt, President
Address: IntraSearch
12424 East Weaver Place, Suite 100
Englewood, CO 80111–5663
Tel: 303–759–5050
Fax: 303–759–0400
Web–Site: or
Tom Pool, Chairman
Address: International Nuclear, Inc.
Tel: 303–278–6954
Comments: See Talk DMC of February 7th, 2005.
Roman S. Popielak, Principal
Address: Knight Piesold Consulting
1050 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80265–0500
Direct Tel: 303–629–5934 x263
Fax: 303–629–8789
E–Mail: or
Comments: Water Resources of Bolivia paper given at DMC on May 9th, 2002.
Harry H. “Harry”” Posey, Ph.D., Geochemist
Address: Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology Title: Geologist, Senior Reclamation Specialist
Department of Natural Resources
1313 Sherman Street, Room 215
Denver, CO 80203
HTel: 303–233–1318
WTel: 303–866–3927
Fax: 303–832–8106
Comments: DMC talk on November 15th, 2004.
Douglas Pride
Address: Dept. of Geological Sciences, Ohio State University
(c/o Robbie Robinson, Golden, CO Tel: 303–279–3136)
Comments: See DMC talk on July 19th, 2004.
Patty Quinn
Tel: 303–431–0790
Ed Raines, VP
Address: Clear Creek County Metal Mining Association
Jamestown, CO
Tel: 303–459–0193
Comments: See DMC papers on October 3, 2002, June 2, 2003 & September 27th, 2004 and July 11th, 2005.
Rick Rand, Tour Director.
Address: Tauck World Discovery Co.
Cell: 760–473–473–2521
Comments: See DMC paper on November 17th, 2003.
James P. “Jim” Reed, Director of Research and Development
Address: RockWare Earth Science Software, Denver
2221 East Street, Suite 101
Golden, CO 80401–6627
Tel: 303–278–3534 x113
Fax: 303–278–4099
Comments: RockWare specializes in 3–D Visualization and Analysis of Geologic Data.
George E. Reeves, Attorney at Law
Address: 4704 Harlan Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80212–7418
Tel: 303–458–7117
Fax: 303–433–1273
Comments: Spoke on Mining Law on April 25th, 2002.
Maury Reiber
(information withheld by request)
Bill Reid, President
Address: U.S. Gold Corp.
Tel: 303–238–1438
Comments: DMC Speaker on March 15th, 2004.
Dr. Michael Reimer, Professor
Address: Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO
Tel: 303–273–3505
Lee R. Rice, Vice President, Mining Engineer & Geologist, Data Technology Services, Inc. (DTSI)
(DECEASED – 2014)
Duane Richards, CEO
Address: Western Fuels Association
Tel: 303–254–3075
Comments: See DMC talk of September 26th, 2005.
Richard G. “Rich” Rincoe, Rincoe & Associates
Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 303–279–2570
David Blair “Blair” Roberts, Geologist
Address: Geotechnical Systems Inc. & Roberts Geosystems Inc.
7 Skyline Drive
Lakewood, CO 80215–6632
Home: 303–237–2387
Work: 303–462–1644
Cell: 303–882–4314
Comments: Many interests, especially regarding massive sulfides & precious metals. Extensive research & exploration in Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
Charles S. “Robbie” Robinson, President
Address: Mineral Systems, Inc.
Tel: 303–279–3136
Comments: See DMC paper of February 23rd, 2004.
Tom Robyn, Exploration Consulting Geologist
Tel: 303–841–9320
Comments: DMC talk on November 22nd, 2004.
Barnaby W. Rockwell, Geophysicist, USGS
Address: USGS
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, 80225–0046
Tel: 303–236–1851
Comments: See September 19th, 2002 DMC Paper.
Allan B. Rodgers, Consultant
Address: 2330 Glenwood Drive
Boulder, CO 80304–2824
Tel: 303–442–0745
Comments: DMC Chairman
Ed Rogers, Book Dealer
Address: P.O. Box 455
Poncha Springs, CO 81242–0455
Tel: 719–539–4113
Fax: 719–539–4542
Comments: Specializes in rare & out–of–print Geoscience Books.
Tim Rohrbacher, Mining Engineer
Address: USGS M/S 939, Building 25
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, CO 80225
Tel: 303–236–3614
Comments: Former USBOM.
Sam Rosenblum, USGS (Retired)
Address: 12165 West Ohio Place
Lakewood, CO 80228–3319
Tel: 303–986–5661
Comments: Former advisor to gold mine in Taiwan.
Ora H. Rostad, Consulting Geologist
Address: 7624 West Laurel Avenue
Littleton, CO 80128–4852
Tel: 303–979–1392
Comments: Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology, Ore Reserves.
Joseph A. Rott, VP, Marketing
Address: Rua Cristina 1120 #302
Belo Horizonte, M.G.
Brazil 30330–130
Tel: 55–31–344–3692
Fax: 55–31–342–3116
Comments: Specializes in Blue Bahia & Other Exotic Stones
Stuart Sanderson, President
Address: Colorado Mining Association
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–575–9199
E–Mail: or
Comments: See DMC talk on September 13th, 2004. Also a frequent DMC speaker, over the years.
Jordan Sawdo, Adams County Museum
Address: 10956 Melody Drive
Northglenn, CO 80234–3935
Tel: 303–452–7792
Robert “Bob” H. Sayre, Consulting Mining Engineer
Address: 726–25 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505–9517
Tel: 970–242–5611
Randy Scheffel, Consulting Metallurgical Engineer
Castle Rock, CO
Tel: 303–663–7542
Comments: See DMC paper of November 21, 2002.
Ron Schmiermund
Address: Knight Piesold and Co.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–629–8788
Comments: See DMC paper of November 14, 2002.
Mike Schmidt, Regional Sales Manager
Address: Krupp––Robins, Inc., USA
7730 East Belleview Avenue
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Work Tel: 303–770–0808
Home Tel: 303–431–8550
Fax: 303–420–4276
Comments: Materials handling systems in mines (conveyor belts, etc.). This is USA subsidiary office: main office is in Germany.
Henry Schoo, Mining Engineer, North Pearl Queen LLC
Address: 35 Cody Court
Denver, CO 80226–1244
Tel: 303–233–1988
Fax: 303–233–0863
Frank A. Seeton
Address: 1815 Union Drive
Lakewood, CO 80215–2531
Tel: 303–237–6522
Comments: See DMC paper of May 12th, 2003.
Dan Shawe, Geologist Emeritus, USGS
Address: 1805 S. Balsam, No. 323
Lakewood, CO 80232
Tel: 303–237–7195
Work Tel: 303–236–5588 x65588
Comments: See DMC paper of July 7th, 2003.
Arthur William “Bill” Shelden, Consulting Petroleum Geologist
Address: 6956 Olive Way
Englewood, CO 80112–1124
Tel: 303–770–1984
William J. “Bill” Siebert, Independent Geologist
Address: 9306 West Iowa Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80232–6441
Tel: 303–985–3802
Heinz W. Siegel, Consulting Geophysicist
Address: 8520 N. Franklin Drive
Denver, CO 80229–8212
Tel: 303–288–5438
Comments: Ex–Officio Director & Past–President of the DMC.
Beth Simmons, Geology Professor
Address: Metro State Community College of Denver
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–985–5559
Comments: See DMC talk on August 29th, 2005.
Jim Sims, Executive V.P.
Address: Partnership for the West
Tel: 303–216–9278
Comments: See DMC talk of March 21st, 2005.
Norman J. Singer, Managing Partner
Address: Powder River Land & Exploration, LLC.
885 South Garfield Street
Denver, CO 80209
Tel: 303–744–6550
Fax: 303–698–0044
Cell: 303–378–4176
Joe Sloss, (Retired)
(information withheld by request)
Doris Smith, Retired Nurse and Mining Historian
Ed Snider, (Retired)
Address: 1362 South Elizabeth Street
Denver, CO 80210–2421
Tel: 303–871–0215
Robert Sorgenfrei, Librarian/Archivist
Colorado School of Mines
Peter Spina, Owner
Tel: 303–948–5265
Comments: See DMC talk on March 14th, 2005.
Robert Cusack, Retired Pipe–Fitter (Coors)
Address: P.O. Box 17144
Golden, CO 80402–6019
Tel: 303–919–9269
Comments: Amateur Viper & Pit–Viper Herpetologist.
J.P.H. “John” Steele, Professor, Western Mining Resource Center
Address: Colorado School of Mines
Tel: 303–273–3663
John Stewart, Attorney (J.D.) & Historian (M.A.)
Address: 1810 Albion Street
Denver, CO 80220–1035
WTel: 303–388–5372
HTel: 303–321–7163
Comments: Historian, Mining Attorney. See talk on September 8th, 2003.
Monte Swan, Vice President, MagmaChem Co.
Evergreen, CO
Tel: 303–670–0673
Comments: DMC Paper on August 22nd, 2002.
Carlos Tamayo, Supervising Environmental Engineer
Address: Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303–831–8100 x1923
Comments: Special expertise on the mining industry and environmental remediation of mines in Mexico.
Bill Tanaka, Principal Geological Engineer
Address: SRK Consulting Co.
Tel: 303–985–1333
Comments: See DMC talk of May 3rd, 2004.
Patrick Taylor, Professor of Chemical Metallurgy
Address: Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO
Comments: 2002 G.S. Ansell Distinguished Professor of Chemical Metallurgy. See DMC paper of March 31st, 2003.
Anthony Salvatore “Tony” Tomaselli, Linguist
Address: 13185 West 15th Drive
Golden, CO 80401–3503
Tel: 303–234–9425
Comments: Tony speaks several dialects of Arabic Fluently: he is retired from ARAMCO.
John C. Talbot, Retired Assayer
Address: 18826 West 59th Drive
Golden, CO 80403–1059
John Tilton, William J. Coulter Professor of Mineral Economics
Address: Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO
Tel: 303–273–3979
E–Mail: JTilton@Mines.Edu
Comments: See DMC talk of February 28th, 2005.
Dick Tripp, Consultant (USGS, Retired)
Address: 383 South Robb Way
Lakewood, CO 80226–2549
Tel: 303–986–3587
Comments: Mineralogical Consultant
Bataar Tumenbayar, Ph.D, Director
BEMM Co., Ltd. (Mongolia)
Address: P.O. Box 46/468
Ulaanbaatar–46, Mongolia
Tel: 976–99114979
Fax: 976–1–328172
E–Mail: or
Comments: Geotravel.
Alistair Turner, BSc., MSc., CPG 7052
Address: Pan Palladium, Ltd., Operations Manager, North America
Comments: Was involved with the discovery of the platinum deposit at Stillwater, MT.
Edwin “Ed” Ullmer, Geologist
Address: 4710 West 108th Place
Westminster, CO 80031
Tel: 303–466–8547
Marcelo Valadares
General Brazilian Gems
Address: Rua 30 de Janeiro 337–A–Governador Valadares
Minas Gerais Cep. 35.058–370 Brazil
Tel/Fax: 55–33–277–7547
Cell: 55–33–9989–6884
P.O. Box 811458
Los Angeles, CA 90081-1458 USA
Tel: 213–841–4398
Comments: Member of “Sindijoias Gemas.” Emeralds, etc. Cut or uncut. Motto: “We do the hard work for you!
David Vardiman, Manager, Exploration
Address: Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Co.
Tel: 719–689–4019
Comments: The largest active gold–mining operation in Colorado in 2002.
Richard Waissar, Consulting Mining Engineer
Address: 1945 Mount Zion Drive
Golden, CO 80401–1760
Tel/Fax: 303–278–2555
James B. “Jim” Wallace, Geologist
Address: 2514 Simons Court
Carson City, NV 89703–8368
Work Tel: 775–884–2726
Comments: Jim specializes in environmental remediation of mine–sites and in preparation of the environmental portions of federal and state claims documents for California and Nevada.
Craig Wandrey, Geologist, Energy Resources Team
Address: USGS Energy Group, M/S 939
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, CO 80225
Tel: 303–236–5341
Fax: 303–236–8822
Dave Warren, Consulting Engineer
Tel: 303–697–6800
Comments: See DMC talk on February 2nd, 2004.
Karen J. Wenrich, Geologist
Address: 63 South Devinney Street
Golden, CO 80401–5314
Tel: 303–278–1574
John Whitney
Address: USGS
Box 25046
Denver Federal Center, CO 80225
Denzel Wiggins, Owner, Red & Green Minerals, Inc.
Address: 7595–97 West Florida Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80232–5407
Tel: 303–985–5559
Comments: Lapidary & Jeweler’s Tools & Supplies
Bill Wilkinson, Managing Consultant, Mining
Address: Mincom Co.
Englewood, CO
Cell: 303–748–0413
Comments: See DMC paper on November 10th, 2003.
Charlie Williams, President
Address: Water Remediation Technology
Tel: 303–424–5355
Comments: DMC Speaker on March 29th, 2004.
Anna Wilson
Tel: 303–236–5593
Comments: USGS, Denver Federal Center. See her paper on January 27th, 2003.
Doug Willson, Regional Sales Manager
Address: e2 Business Services, Inc.
621 17th Street, Suite 1140
Denver, CO 80293
Tel: 303–298–7880
Cell: 303–517–2663
Fax: 303–298–7881
Comments: Data relay from field to office (wells, construction, etc.). With e2si services, it is routinely feasible to automatically transmit not just data streams but also digital video to a home office computer for viewing from anywhere in the world.
David Winger, Water Conservation Specialist, Denver Water
Tel: 303–628–6348
Comments: Xeriscape paper to DMC on August 15th, 2002.
Daniel “Dan” Witkowsky, Metallurgical Engineer, Technical Editor
Address: 5956 South Kline Street
Littleton, CO 80127–2569
Tel: 303–972–1814 (O)
Web–Site: None
Comments: DMC Talks: During every August from 1997 to 2013, gave annual co-presentation with the Denver Mining Club’s sponsored teacher in the  “All About Mining – A Total Concept of the Mining Industry” courses for the K-12 teaching community in educating students about the mining industry.
Gary Witt, Vice President
Address: Wright Water Engineers
Tel: 303–480–1700
Comments: DMC talk of November 1st, 2004.
Ben Wright
(information withheld by request)
William R. Yernberg, Technical Editor
Mining Engineering (A Publication of SME)
Address:8307 Shaffer Parkway
Littleton, CO 80127–4102
Tel: 303–973–9550
(Direct): 303–948–4240
Fax: 303–973–3845
David Young, V.P. of Business Development
Address: Apollo Gold Co.
Tel: 720–886–9656 x14
Comments: See DMC talk of May 24th, 2004.
Doug Young
Tel: 303–650–7820
Comments: District Policy Director for U.S. Congressman Mark Udall. See DMC paper of June 16, 2003.
George Young, President
Address: Palladon Ventures, Ltd.
Tel: 720–308–6109
Comments: See DMC talk of June 13th, 2005.
Mark Zirinsky
Address: PEMED
Tel: 303–393–7800